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Initially, those luxury replica watches were specially made of stainless steel, suitable for their tool properties. This changed in the late 1960s, at least for the high-end replica Rolex Submariner, with the arrival of the ref. 1680/8, the Submariner was put into 18k yellow gold for the first time. A two-tone Rolesor version followed by the next generation, it and the full gold model are provided with a blue or black dial and bezel. Modern versions of all these are still on the contemporary roster, and so on.

In addition, there is an 18k pure white gold piece with a blue Cerachrom bezel (the reference 126619LB) and 3 stainless steel examples: with a standard black dial and bezel (the reference 126610LN), black dial and green bezel (the ref. 126610LV). The final steel model, the ref. 124060, is a bit different. When the Cheap Fake Rolex Submariner Watch was given a date function in 1969, Rolex actually split the range, while producing date and non-date models. You know this trend continues to this day.

This is a watch with a date-displaying provided in various precious metals, while the variant without the date has been cast only in stainless steel. In fact, if you want real technology, Replica Rolex Submariner No Date is a so-called simple Submariner, while all others are official Rolex Submariner date watches.

There is no such confusion in the Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica Watch. It has always played a more serious player. Since its establishment in 1967, it has only provided steel products until 2019, when the ref. 126603 appeared in its two-tone Rolesor getup. These are the only two at present, without the color change of their siblings. Regardless of the metal type, the dials and bezels referenced by the Rolex Sea-Dweller are black.

The metal itself is as impressive as you think. All gold is 18k pure and manufactured by Rolex Replica Watches factory in its own in-house foundry. The brand's proprietary stainless steel alloy (renamed Oyster Steel) is also manufactured by Rolex. As part of the 904L family, it is particularly resistant to corrosion caused by seawater, so it is very suitable for this job.

A similar statement can be made for the ceramic insert used in the baffle. The brand first launched the Cerachrom material on the fake Rolex GMT-Master II in 2005, and subsequently launched it in most Professional Collection. The value is coated with platinum or 18k gold by PVD process to prevent tarnishing over time.

On the dial, the hour markers (a trademark combination of a dot and a baton, an inverted triangle at 12 o'clock) are outlined in platinum, as are the Mercedes hands (the signature of Rolex sports watches) to prevent them from being stained. Essentially, any modern copy Rolex Submariner or Sea-Dweller replica watches you buy today looks brand new, but the only exception is any scratches or scrapes on the metal itself.

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